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LSM Technical Services Ltd

The ONLY Carl Zeiss AG authorised and recommended third party service provider for Bio-Rad/Cell Science LSM and Confocal Instruments.

LSM Technical Services provides service and solutions for the Confocal and Multi-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy community, specialising in the Bio-Rad ® Microscience & Cell Science Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM) range of products.

LSM Technical Services Ltd are the ONLY Carl Zeiss AG authorised and recommended third party service provider for Bio-Rad/Cell Science LSM and Confocal Instruments.

Services cover everything from technical support and advice to completely reinstalling or overhauling your Radiance, MRC confocal/Multiphoton LSM. Upgrade and customisation solutions are also undertaken, as well as microscope repairs.

About Us

Following Dino Sharma’s 14 years with the Bio-Rad Inc. Microscopy Division and then 8 years of continued global service and technical support at Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, finally culminating in the formal EOS (End of Support) of the Bio-Rad LSM products by Carl Zeiss AG, it was clear that there was still a need to provide top level service, support and solutions for the Bio-Rad Cell Science (aka Microscience and latterly Carl Zeiss Cell Science Ltd) LSM range of confocal and multi-photon instruments.

As a result Dino Sharma decided to fill this gap in the market and provide service and support directly and independently to former Bio-Rad MRC and Radiance LSM instrument owners. And so LSM Technical Services Ltd was formed.

Why choose LSM Technical Services Ltd?

With over 20 years of experience in the Laser Scanning Microscopy technology, having worked in manufacturing, R&D (Research and Development), international technical support and service and LSM product marketing, Dino has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Before joining the emerging LSM industry, Dino worked within the opti-mechanical and microsurgical instrument inudustries. With this background LSM Technical Services Ltd can offer an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise in laser scanning microscopy and instrumentation, especially with Radiance and MRC LSM technologies and can therefore provide expert, efficient and cost effective services and solutions.

You may find that there are alternative service providers. However, it is worth emphasising that LSM Techincal Services Ltd is the ONLY Carl Zeiss AG authorised and recommended third party service provider for Bio-Rad/Cell Science LSM and Confocal Instruments. Additionally, any service technicians that have been 'officially' trained, will have been trained by Dino Sharma or a member of his former Bio-Rad International Technical Support team.


With the most comprehensive stock of spare parts, LSM Technical Services can offer a range of solutions to suit every budget.

LSM Technical Services Ltd has a dedicated workshop for experimental system set-ups, with a variety of fully functioning LSM imaging and microscope equipment, including LSM systems, Microscopes (both inverted and upright) and a 2m x 1.5m optical bench/vibration isolation table. This means we can offer customised solutions.

Service Contracts Offered

We offer a range of different service contracts with varying levels of support.

Service Options Available
LSM Model Premium Laser Plus* Premium Laser Premium Standard Time Standard Billable
Radiance MP and MPD
Radiance VLD* ✔*
Radiance VIS
MRC-1024 MP
MRC-1024 VIS
MRC-1024 UV

*Cover may also be available for other external lasers such as the single line 568nm Krypton laser or the 442nm HeCd laser - for more information please email Service with your LSM system serial number and details of your enquiry.

Details of Service Options

Premium Laser Plus show
Premium Laser show
Premium show
Standard Time show

Non-Contract Solutions

Service can be offered on a parts and time basis at competitive rates.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions to suit your imaging needs whether it be a modification to your microscope, the design and manufacture of an adaptor to use a different [diode] laser or something complex, we can offer you a wealth of advice, experience and know-how, as well as delivering the hardware for your needs. Please contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.


LSM Technical Services is now a distributor of CoolLED light sources.

CoolLED offers a comprehensive range of LED illumination systems for bioscience and clinical microscopy.


  • Simple White Light
  • Broad spectrum
  • Affordable through lab consumables budget


  • Regular fluorescence
  • Broad spectrum
  • Replaces mercury lamp
  • TTL & USB Control


  • Research fluorescence
  • 16 selectable wavelengths
  • White mode
  • Advanced mode
  • TTL & USB control


  • Screening fluorescence
  • Single LED wavelength
  • Simple to operate
  • TTL control


  • Transmitted illumination
  • Halogen replacement
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • TTL control


  • Advanced fluorescence
  • User configurable
  • Modular
  • TTL & USB control


  • Light delivery
  • Combiners
  • Dichroic mirrors
  • Communication


  • Select for microscope
  • Wide range available
  • Current and older models
  • Custom adaptors available

For more information email us or visit the CoolLED website at

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